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Maximum output power 22 kW (Socket B, C) 3,7 kW (Socket A, D)

Maximum output current 32 A - Socket B, C;  16 A - Socket A, D

AC Output Voltage

400 VAC (3P + N + PE) – Socket B, C;

240 VAC (1P + N + PE) – Socket A, D

Charge system 

Socket A, D - Schuko (CEE 7/4)

Socket B, C - Type 2 (IEC-62196-2) Locksystem - Mode 3 (IEC-61851-1)

           This gas station is designed for parking lots and public institutions, it can also be refueled by four electric vehicles in parallel.

     Charging station V complies with international standards IEC 62196-2 and IEC 61851-1 and is able to charge all existing, in the world, electric vehicles for today from 1 to 4 hours. No additional structures are required (the station includes a mortgage base), you only need to bring the cable to the station installation site. Wall and floor versions available. The gas station has a secure housing, the ability to control access (using a card).



Type 2 Mode 3

The ability to simultaneously charge four electric vehicles

GPRS Wireless Management and Control

Control System Uninterruptible Power Supply

RFID Identification and Access

Remote control differential leakage current protection


Enclosure rating IP54